Urgent: The Significance of Obama 2007-2017
"Is Obama's influence is even more dangerous now than before? The Evidence Provided Below on Obama's Frightening Involvement with the New World Order Agenda over the last decade!

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Over the years some of the world's best researchers have combined resources to provide significant damning evidence that Barack Obama presented one of the gravest dangers to the future of the United States whilst he was in office. The Report addresses all aspects of the world government agenda but there is specific focus on Barack Obama and his meteoric rise from overcoming a significant Hilary Clinton Challenge for the Democratic Leadership, overwhelming John McCain and the Republican Party in destructive manner and then gaining a second term with a convincing victory over Mitt Romney. Also since leaving office, unknown to many, Obama has been covertly operating a strategy of significant influence to undermine and grow the popular resentment against the Trump administration.

A Sneak Preview of Page 10 (Part 2) of The Antichrist Identity

..........Therefore early on in the campaign, Obama's faith was in fact one of his main selling points. The objective was twofold: to dispel any suspicions that he may be a Muslim and to appeal to value voters. This was why Obama spoke about his Christian faith openly, often and with enthusiasm. By keeping it at the forefront, Obama also hoped to do what no modern Democrat since Carter has done, claim a sizeable portion of the evangelical vote. He felt confident he could do well because he had a story that he knew would appeal to that electoral demographic. It was a story of an aimless young man who underwent a "born again" experience and then embarked on a spirit-led personal journey through his involvement with a local church.

But then on March 11, 2008 in the midst of a heated Democratic primary, disturbing video footage surfaced of Obama's spiritual leader, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Standing in the pulpit of his church, Reverend Wright spoke of his country and what he said shocked almost everyone who saw it...........................................

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