Urgent: The Significance of Obama 2007-2017
"Is Obama's influence is even more dangerous now than before? The Evidence Provided Below on Obama's Frightening Involvement with the New World Order Agenda over the last decade!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Antichrist Identity Series?

Many of the traditional giants of bible prophecy are still interpreting end time events according to traditional meanings that really are now out dated in light of the primary evidence that is emerging regarding the new world order and its execution.

Also we realized that some of the major bible prophecy ministries are censored to how much they can speak about the government, the new world order etc for fear of losing their airtime on radio or television which is major mode for their funding.

For instance at a recent international bible prophecy conference, not one of the speakers spoke about the dangers of Barack Obama, the North American Union, the Club of Rome or the Masonic involvement with the New World Order.

None spoke of the fact that the majority of Israeli political leadership are actually freemasons of the highest order. Its easy to speak about surface level bible prophecy and talk about the financial mess and the tribulation this and that and still skirt around the detail. But the devil is in the detail.

Also the internet has allowed the floodgates for people without any training in research or bible study interpretation to be flooding the internet with wild speculations and sensationalizing of bible prophecy with very poor primary evidence or research methods.

For instance, in 2008, hundreds of You Tube videos emerged linking Barack Obama's name to 666. However the methods used to accomplish this were so stretched,  ridiculous and incredibly void of any credibility that it created a public perception that this was part of a movement to discredit Obama. As a result many people simply are not interested in anything to do with Obama and the New World Order when the actual evidence is that he is involved in a dangerous way.

2. What do I receive as part of the package?

The Antichrist Identity comes as an immediate three part series

  • Part 1: The Historical Progress of the Antichrist

  • Part 2: Apostles of the New World Order?

  • Part 3: Understanding the World Government Agenda

With the report you will also receive the following special bonuses

  • Project Enoch - The sinister attempt to rock the foundations of monotheistic religions

  • Essays from some of America's journalists on the dangers of the Obama influence

  • Access to over 10 hours worth of supporting video documentary material

3. Is this package only available in the United States?

This package is available worldwide.

4. Can I buy the package if I live outside the United States?

If you have a credit card, debit card or paypal account you can pay for the package from anywhere in the world.

5. Can I get the report in hard copy, or only as an e-book?

This report is available via instant download or we can send by email on request! You can be reading this report and be well on your way to accessing critical information on the new world order debate! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, itís so easy! In order to read the downloaded book you will need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a copy of Acrobat Reader (or an alternative PDF reader) for free by clicking on Adobe Reader Download  and following the prompts. Once you have downloaded the report you can print it out if you prefer to read a hard copy rather than reading it on-screen

Zero shipping costs
No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery with this report
No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged because you receive it instantly
3 Extra massive special bonuses that come with your report

6. How secure is Paypal?

We use Paypal to process all orders for the The Antichrist Identity I-III. Paypal uses sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. We do not store any credit card or bank account numbers.

Mel Sanger
Author, "The Antichrist Identity Series"

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